All prices are in effect from 1st April 2015.

Schedule of Rates for: Tenants | Landlords

Schedule of Rates: Tenants

All charges are inclusive of VAT at current rate of 20%.

Check-out Fee

No. of Bedrooms Fee
1 bedroom £90
2 bedroom £102
3 bedroom £120
4 bedroom £135
5 bedroom £150

Fees before moving in

Holding deposit – to be used as a part first month rent (NO VAT) £500
Holding deposit for properties over £500pw – to be used as a part of first month’s rent £1,000
First month’s rent – unless agreed otherwise Dependant on property
Six or Eight week deposit – to be registered with DPS Calculated on weekly rent basis
Refundable Pet Deposit (if applicable – registered together with the 6/8 week deposit £500
Reference Fee per tenant £60
Guarantor Fee per tenant £60
Check-in Fee (no charge) Free
Inventory make fee (no charge) Free

Fees during/post-tenancy

Renewal Let Fee £120
Breaking of contract Fee per tenant £300
Loss of keys / parking permits (labour) + item cost £60
Refusal of access to staff for routine maintenance or subsequent contractor cost £55/contractor costs
Call-out due to tenant negligence (labour) + materials costs £90p/h
First rent overdue reminder via phone and email (up to 14 days) Free of charge
Overdue rent reminder via letter (sent after expiration of 14days) + interest as per contract £60
Subsequent overdue rent reminders (after another 7 days) + interest as per contract £24
Landlord costs for damage or professional clean to property at end of tenancy as per contractor/landlord costs
Landlord reference post tenancy (if applicable) no charge Free of charge


Schedule of Rates: Landlords

VAT @ 20% is applicable in all fees and services

Description of service or works Fee
Management & basic bookkeeping service 7½%
Minimum monthly management fee £72
Letting Fee 8%
Letting renewal fee 5%
RBKC/ H&F Licence Management fee (payable annually)
Housing Association/Council placement fee (payable annually)
Other agent’s letting fee
Drawing up Tenancy agreement fee £180
Call out works as per schedule below

Call Out Charges

Area First hour Subsequent hours Daily rate
SW13, SW14, SW15 £48 £36 £228.00
SW4, SW6, SW11, SW16, SW17, SW18, SW19, W6, W12, W4 £54 £36 £234.00
W10, W2, W11, SW1, TW3 £60 £36 £240.00
all NW, all SE, all E £66 £36 £246.00
Re-let works £300.00

Other Information

Cost for processing insurance claim – 10% of total claim
Congestion Charge and Parking added to invoice
Emergency Out of hours callouts – time and a half
Bank holiday callouts – double time
Day to day repairs will be administered on your behalf up to £500 for any one item
Rental market / prospective rent evaluations on properties – free of charge

Private units, HA and RBK & C refurbishment management fees

Cost Of Refurbishment Fee
£0 – £5,000 £300
£5,000 – £10,000 £600
£10,000 – £15,000 £1,200
£15,000 + 10% of cost
Fee charged to manage and oversee cost of total refurbishment

HA Handback Fee/Check-In fee

No. of Bedrooms Fee
1 bedroom £72
2 bedroom £78
3 bedroom £96
4 bedroom £108
5 bedroom £120
Housing Association / Council handback fee is charged when property is received back from HA , keys received, compensation negotiated

Inventory Make Fee

No. of bedrooms Furnished/Part Furnished
1 bedroom £126
2 bedroom £150
3 bedroom £168
4 bedroom £198
5 bedroom £216